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Autoimmune Asthetics


Autoimmune Asthetics

Salame 60:06, Bezalel Academi of Art and Design MFA Grad Show, Bezalel Gallery, Tel Aviv 2006

Photography: Elad Sarig



pencil and marker on MDF, wallpaper & linoleum, 320 x 444 cm, (8 panels 160 x 111 each)


Houseplants is a pencil drawing (grey & blue), hand made, of a repeating pattern of a wallpaper in which to that I implanted a pattern of tangled blood vesicles of the face and brain. The threads of the blood vesicles are made by a black marker drawing.

The patterns of the wallpaper and the blood vesicles are created like opening and folding mirrors effect, and they are repeating together.

On the wall drawing pattern I placed two sculptures made out of wallpaper and linoleum. On the left there is a sculpture of ribs (wallpaper, Linoleum & marker) and to the right, a sculpture of feet (wallpaper). These sculptures are coming out of the 2D wallpaper into the 3D area by maintaining their 2D identity and their linear structure.

I see these appearances as disturbances, as a mixed up placement of the inner and outer systems. This enables me to expend the gap between 2D and 3D, to think of drawing as a 2D sculpture and of sculpture and space as a 3D drawing.

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