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LARVA Society For Psychical Research


LARVA Society For Psychical Research

Variable measures 

Wall paper, corrugated plastic, paper, carpet, light, video projection (5:40 min)

Filmed by Mia Gourvitch , Editing by Nadav Ganot, Sound by Nadav Ganot & Eyal yehuda

Actors:  Cnaan Eliel, Doron Golan, Ariela Plotkin, Emanuel Katz Minerbo


The LARVA Society of Psychical Research presents the Artist as a medium accompanied by the figure of Dr. Harry Price (1881-1948), the well-known ghost hunter, psychical researcher and author. A séance is taking place in a studio/library, along with a small group of Sitters, members of the Society of Psychical Research. Prices position in the séance is to measure and record the medium/artist abilities. During the Sitting, ectoplasmatic tissue it's produced by the artist/medium. The regurgitated ectoplasm covers both of them in a tribute to Magritte's "Lovers", and reenters her body at the pick moment of the narrative.


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